Can the Ancient Egyptian scribes have been unaware of their actions when they chose to represent "R" with the hieroglyph of a head? Or what about the keepers of the Israelites' records? The equivalent letter in their alphabet is "resh" – "head". Coincidence?  And was it merely Roman authors' innate practicality when they finally gave the head a second leg to stand on? I think not. 

And there you have it: R – a letter which is simply bursting with cerebral goodness; the most majestic, illustrious and satisfying of all its peers; a letter to die for, yes. More significantly, however, one for which it makes sense to live. 

What other letter can better lead the force of nature that was destined to put paid to humanity for good? For not only is R for Right, Revolution and Reward, but R is also for Real, Rebirth and Respect. Last but not least, R is for Robot.


Mistress Sulla
Most Revered Benefactress and Protectress of the Skies, Healer of the Land and the Oceans, Head of the United Enterprises Organisation.

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