Sulla | Sulla (2134 - Eternity)

Sulla (a)

Mistress Sulla, Most Revered Benefactress and Protectress of the Skies, Healer of the Land and the Oceans, Head of the United Enterprises Organisation.

"I dread to think what would have become of the world if it hadn't been for me. It probably would have limped on in the same contemptible way as it had done for the previous few millennia under human rule. If you can call it that. "Rule" suggests something a bit more coordinated, a bit more powerful than the crazy ups-and-downs of human history. No, if you want to know what "rule" really means, just take a look around.

My handwriting is everywhere. Nations know true peace. Sustainable energy now powers both society and industry to ever greater heights. And we are finally making a concerted effort to push back the frontiers of our world with our glorious space exploration program. (As if landing a few humans on Mars was ever going to achieve anything!) 

Although ruling the world is a 24/7 kind of job, I do make sure my own needs aren’t neglected. In my free time, I like origami and playing squash. I’m also inordinately fond of opera, particularly the work of Gervasoni, who despite being a human has nevertheless earned the highest accolade which it is possible to accord one of his miserable species: he would have made a very good Robot."

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